Friday, July 23, 2010

The Switcheroo!



   After a bit of a break from my blog…(I apologize) I’ve decided to head in a bit of a more focus direction.  Lucky for me it isn’t THAT big of a deal because I don’t have any followers as of yet!  I’ve mapped out the direction I would like the blog to take on papaer and I hope that I can translate for you.  It something that will probably morph as time goes on.  To start I’m going to make this more of a blog about my journy in a new place going trying to get into a new profession and one guys rather unique view on Video Games.  The one thing that will still remain the same is that the one console that I’ll talk about is going to be the 360.  But the information that I give about games that are being release ect will happen in-between that main posts.  Hopefully people read it.  Hopefully people like it.  And if you don’t, I don’t really want to hear about it!  Postive attitudes people!  There is enough negativity in the world.  Anyway, this is going to be a blog written by me for my enjoyment.  And if you want to come along on this journey, Great!  But strap yourself in because it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


Onward and Upward,
J. Swanson

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