Saturday, July 10, 2010

The new Xbox 360 11


 So finally Microsoft has listen to its fans and released the “NEW” Xbox 306.  On June 14th at Microsoft’s E3 conference it was announced that the 360 was getting a make over.  It was boasted that the new XBOX would carry a built-in WiFi and 250 GB hard drive but also would be whisper quiet and have built-in WiFi.  Those are all features that the 360 fan base have been screaming about for years!  And Microsoft has delivered.  The best part for those people living in the U.S. the price tag remains at $299.  I would honestly have to say that the only thing that this new XBOX has against it is that face that most people already have an XBOX that has gotten the RROD and or purchased some of the peripherals for their consoles so they are able to connect wirelessly. I might be hard for some to pony up the needed cash for the new console being that they already have a perfectly good one sitting on their entertainment centers.  I look at it as a good option once mine decides to take the long road to the XBOX bone yard.  As far as the look of the console as you can tell from the picture above there is a nice hourglasses design to it.  It’s also primarily glossy black and appears to have more vents across the case for better heat dispersion.  I hope that means no more RROD for people.  But only time will tell.  As shown at the E3 event the redesign also can fit inside the old XBOX case if that gives you any idea how small it really is!  Honestly, I would have to say the feature I like the most at this point is the quite.  I love the idea of watching Netflix and not having to hear the whirring sound that my XBOX makes.  With all of this nice additions to the console I honestly think that Microsoft had done a nice job showing that it is willing to work with its fan base to release a product that doesn’t come with $300 of needed add-on’s to function like the buyer would like. 


Onward and Upward,
J. Swanson

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